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Foster's Stories

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Meet Athena,
Athena was found surviving in a forest, scared, hungry and so so afraid of people, she was caught and brought to DEEL, she growled, she snapped, she did not trust anyone, she done her very best to convince us and herself that she was dangerous…
but someone saw the potential in her and brought Athena to her foster family and in there she found me, my husband, a grumpy older sheepdog and a small young energetic terrier, all rescues, yes including the husband, he was a bit lost so I brought him home one day …..

At first Athena wouldn’t leave her small house outside in a kennel, I the fosterer spend hours seating with her, talking rubbish while I sowed, or read a news paper to her, just getting her used to a friendly voice.

In time I was allowed to pop inside her house, and there again I spoke to her, talked about the weather and what she was doing to her blankets, slowly she started to trust me, but I must have bored her to death because she would often fall asleep while I spoke to her..

Then she allowed me to touch her, a few growls, a little air snapping but I was allowed, then she started to follow me out, then she started to come into the house, and out, and in, and out, it was exhausting to watch..

One day she jumped on the sofa and just stared at me with so much love, still so afraid but those eyes begging for love…

Slowly she started to come closer to me, until she fell asleep on my arm, and then I was allowed to pet her,.. One day she come in all wet and I got a towel, this was new to her and I could see she was terrified, but she trusted me not to hurt her and I was allowed to drier her up, I think she even liked it…

Next day I was allowed to brush her, play with her, pet her, she now eats in the house with the other dogs, she holds her tail high and wags her beautiful tail all the time, she barks playfully and nibbles my hands, she kisses me as if to say thank you..

She has a little longer before she is fully ready to start her new life in her forever home,. But her journey to recovery as only just started and all I can see in her eyes is love, she wants to please me, she wants to learn, she doesn’t want to look dangerous anymore, she just wants to belong…

Its because of Dogs like Athena that I foster, to give as many Athena’s out there the second chance they so deserve,…

In a few weeks I will give another update on Athena’s progress and hope that soon it will be her forever home that will give us an update on her progress…

Deel Animal Action Group
Newcastle West Area